Lok Sabha Elections 2019 – ‘Will die but never insult PM Modi’s parents’: Rahul Gandhi – Hindustan Times

By on May 14, 2019

Congress president Rahul Gandhi said on Tuesday that he would prefer to die but would never insult Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s parents.

Rahul Gandhi’s comments came during his speech at Ujjain in the context of the Prime Minister attacking his father for corruption and calling him ‘Bhrastachari no. 1’.

“I don’t hate anyone… But Narendra Modi ji insults my father. He speaks about my grandmother and grandfather. But I will never in my life speak about Modi’s family and parents. I will die, please listen, but I will not insult Narendra Modiji’s parents because I am not a RSS’ man. I am not a BJP man; I am a Congressman,” said Rahul Gandhi.

The Congress chief was here to address three election meetings in Ujjain, Neemuch and Khandwa districts, all in Malwa-Nimad region which goes to polls on May 19.

On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in Madhya Pradesh to address an election meeting at Ratlam in the region.

Rahul Gandhi said, “Modi ji doesn’t talk about farmers’ suicide, unemployment and corruption but in his interviews he tells how he eats mango, how he peels mango and how did he cut the sleeves of his kurta to save space in his bag.”

Ridiculing the Prime Minister’s recent statement in an interview with a TV news channel that clouds helped Air Force’s fighter planes avoid radars in Pakistan during Balakot air strike, the Congress president asked, “When there is storm and rains in India do all the planes disappear from radar?”

Referring to the police firing on farmers in Mandsaur in 2017 which had left 5 farmers dead he said the Prime Minister didn’t say anything when the police opened fire at farmers.

Rahul Gandhi added, “When farmers were killed and you (people in the region) called me I came here. I promised that the farmers’ loans would be waived offand we kept our promise but Modiji says the loan was not waived. Please see this paper. The loans of Niranjan Singh and Rohit Singh from (former chief minister) Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s family were waived.”

He said none of the farmers would go to jail for non-payment of their loans after the Congress was voted to power. There would be two budgets including one for farmers.

Referring to the Congress’ promise on Nyay scheme to give Rs 72,000 annually to 50 million poor families he reiterated his charges on the PM in regard with Rafale deal and said once Congress was voted to power money would be taken out from the pockets of Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi and Anil Ambani and would be given to the poor.

State BJP vice-president Vijesh Lunawat said, “Rahul Gandhi has realised well that the Congress is not going to cross the tally of 2014 in Lok Sabha elections and there is no chance of Congress coming back to power in 2019 again. That’s why he is targeting the Prime Minister in his every speech to save his chair and position in Congress after Lok Sabha polls.”

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May 14, 2019 20:53 IST

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Lok Sabha Elections 2019 – ‘Will die but never insult PM Modi’s parents’: Rahul Gandhi – Hindustan Times
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