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By on November 2, 2017

In this episode of Bigg Boss 11, team Vikas and team Shilpa will battle it out to complete 50 cushions in two hours.

After Bandagi’s brainwashing, Puneesh has started distancing himself from Akash Dadlani. Keep watching this space for more updates from the episodes.

The housemates wakeup to the song Tu Paisa Paisa Karti hai.

Vikas and Puneesh discuss how they will circulate the money in the task. Arshi says that Akash has become mad over fake money. Akash calls Arshi a Naagin. Akash plots against Arshi agains Arshi. He talks to them how she has no limits.

Shilpa convinces Luv to help her out as she can even become after being successful. Bigg Boss asks the contestants to make 50 cushions in 2 hours.

Luv tricks Vikas and helps Shilpa. Shilpa and Vikas get into a physical brawl and Vikas tells her not to touch her. SHilpa still tries to steal their cushions and Arshi calls her a Bhikaran

Shilpa sits next to Vikas. Shilpa says that she has to bathe as Arshi and Mehjabee touched her. Shilpa tells Luv that she cant believe Mehjabee said bad things to her. Luv and Akash try to lift her mood.

Benafsha tries to talk to Vikas but he shoos her away and tells her that he is not her friend. VIkas checks their pillows and rejects a few. Bigg Boss tells them that they have failed the first order.

Shilpa taunt Vikas to plan against her. Shilpa says that she feels bad because of the way she behaved with him. Vikas promises not to trouble her. Mehjabee is sad because Shilpa said that she needs to bathe because Mehjabee touched her.

Hina tells Shilpa that Puneesh and Bandagi may flip on her and give their money to VIkas. Hina tells her to save some money. Bigg Boss then gives an order of 25 cushions and this will be the last order.


Bandagi talks to Vikas how the game can suddenly change because of the points exchange. Vikas plans to get money from a lot of people and win the task. Shilpa says that she has 65 thousand left

Hina thinks that Shilpa cheated her. Shilpa tries to convince Akash to give them the money. Akash is hiding in the toilet and Shilpa breaks down outside the door.

Shilpa breaks down and Akash then gives the money that he has. Vikas asks Puneesh to trust him and give him 10 thousand. Akash doesnt want to give the money to Hina as she would give it to Priyank.

Akash divides his money and Vikas tries to collect as much as money as possible. Pooja gives her money to VIkas and Mehjabee. Mehjabee tries to talk to Shilpa and they hug each other and cry.

Hina tells everyone to stop obsessing with the money and make pillows. Shilpa and Akash sit under the table and cry. Shilpa is very supportive towards Akash.

Bigg Boss tells the contestants that they have failed the task. Shilpa tells everyone to give her space. Bigg boss asks them to tell them how much money they have.


Most of the contestants have no money. Benafsha has over a lac. Luv has 18 thousand points. Benafsha wins the task. Shilpa has no points and Vikas has over 99 thousand points. Sapna says that she didnt want Benafsha to win and she gave her money for Priyank.

Benafsha and Akash argue. Shilpa tells Benafsha to keep a little trust on people. Akash gets angry with the way Benafsha behaves.

Akash raps in the garden and is proud of himself. Vikas says that Priyank had to choose between her brother and a girl and he chose Benafsha.

Arshi tries to get Sabyasachi to confess who he likes in the house. She gets sensual with Sabyasachi.. Puneesh and Bandagi sit together and get intimate.

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Bigg Boss 11 Day 31 Highlights: Shilpa and Vikas get into a physical fight – Times of India
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