10 Absurd Runway Trends to Try in 2020 – The Cut

By on October 8, 2019

What will we all be wearing in spring 2020, according to designers? With the shows ending last week, we’re left trying to make some sense of a very all-over-the-place season.

There are some obvious trends that stick out. The year 1969 is back (again) in the form of bootcut jeans, vests, and orangey-brown hues. So is 18th-century aristocracy, apparently. Think Once Upon a Time in Hollywood meets Marie Antoinette. The environment was also a recurring topic. Some brands took a more surface-level approach (there was more than one show with the theme of “jungle!”) Others evoked an emotional response to climate change — despair or optimism, or sometimes both. But none of this quite adds up to something clear-cut, like: “Let’s all buy giant sneakers!”

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10 Absurd Runway Trends to Try in 2020 – The Cut
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