10 fashion trends from the past that are making a comeback this fall – INSIDER

By on September 20, 2019

  • Old trends always seem to make a comeback, but this fall will be seeing an unusual amount of vintage looks.
  • Insider spoke to stylists about this fall’s biggest fashion trends that were popular decades ago.
  • Fanny packs, tie-dye clothes, and mom jeans have made a comeback.
  • Hair clips and chunky white tennis shoes are also going to be everywhere this season.
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What year is it, again? It may be hard to tell, because a quick glance at the outfits of celebrities, street style icons, and store mannequins might make you feel like you’ve just stepped into a time capsule.

Welcome to 2019, where mom jeans are cool again, fanny packs are no longer considered tacky, and barrettes have been reborn.

Sarah Byrd, a New York University and Fashion Institute of Technology fashion historian and lecturer, previously spoke to Insider about why fashion trends are cyclical.

“The story of fashion is also the story of revising design, so it’s not often about completely coming up with something new and unoriginal that no one’s ever seen before,” Byrd said. “From the very beginning of time, there’s only so many ways people can approach how to put together fabric into something that goes on the body.”

While trends come and go, there’s something especially nostalgic about this season’s biggest styles, from tie-dye that’s reminiscent of the ’60s to neon hues that conjure the ’80s.

Here are 10 fashion trends from the past you’re about to see everywhere as fall approaches — plus, how to wear them, according to stylists.

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10 fashion trends from the past that are making a comeback this fall – INSIDER
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