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By on August 11, 2019

Copenhagen Fashion Week is no longer on the rise, it’s here. And it’s solidified it’s place as an unmissable city in the worldwide tour of fashion weeks. There’s some things we know to be true after watching the city ramp up it’s fashion week in the past few years: there will be dancing (this year courtesy of Ganni and Stine Goya), the prints will be really good, and the street style will inspire you to wear fluffy dresses with chunky sneakers.

Danish brands like Saks Potts and Cecilie Bahnsen are leading the charge in making sure the Copenhagen fashion scene is known for having something to be remembered by. The designers here are not afraid of color (especially mixing and matching it), or afraid of getting a lil weird with their styling, and most importantly not afraid to have fun with fashion.

So settle into a smørrebrød and say hej to the best trends from Copenhagen Fashion Week.

1. Slick Two-Pieces

We’ve been on the two-piece bus for awhile, but they’re getting a nice remix this season. Thanks to some slick and shiny new vinyl fabrics, they’re saying Yeah I’m here to discuss a business deal and have my shit together, but also I’m not a regular businesswoman.

Woman wearing brown blazer and matching skirt with purple boots walking in runway show.
Courtesy of Ganni


Best Fashion Trends From Copenhagen Fashion Week

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Best Fashion Trends From Copenhagen Fashion Week –
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