Designer phone cases you can wear are a new men’s fashion trend – Business Insider

By on May 17, 2019

Like millions of other people, I keep my smartphone with me at pretty much all times, but I’ve never felt like I was “wearing” it like I would clothing or jewelry. I’ve always treated my phone more like a tool than an accessory, though there’s no shortage of colorful phone designs and unique cases that show just how much effort people can put into their phone’s aesthetic.

But as The Wall Street Journal reports, the world of fashion is starting to rethink the way we carry our phones, creating lavish leather carrying cases and designer pouches to go with the latest in high-end looks. Journal reporter Jacob Gallagher noticed wearable phone cases from designers like Prada, Dior Men, and Palms Angels on the runway in the past year.

Most of these designer cases and bags are worn as necklaces, with a lanyard holding the phone close to the wearer’s chest. Some have a transparent window to make checking your phone easy, but the most involved designs are encased in leather and other delicate materials that keep your phone completely covered.

With the size of smartphones steadily increasing, there’s certainly no shame in wanting an easy, fashionable way to carry your phone.

But the designer wearable case movement seems more interested in luxury than utility. Take a look:

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Designer phone cases you can wear are a new men’s fashion trend – Business Insider
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