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By on March 31, 2013

MUSKEGON COUNTY, MI — Many of the parishioners at two churches in Norton Shores and Muskegon Heights mixed in a little fashion as part of their worship on Easter Sunday.

Women in high heels and spring-colored dresses, men in their suits and children dressed in formal attire — plus the special hats — filled up many of the seats at Forest Park Covenant Church in Norton Shores and Queen Esther Baptist Church in Muskegon Heights on Sunday, March 31.

Easter service at Queen Esther Baptist Church perfect time for parishioners to dress in Sunday best




While most pointed out that Easter and church are about praise and worship, they contended that dressing up in nice clothes is a special way to celebrate the holiday.

“Jesus is raised from the dead. That thought makes me happy,” said Lois Havermans, a Muskegon woman who opted for a blue dress for Easter. “I like to celebrate in different ways and dressing up is one of them.”

Havermans, who’s been attending the Forest Park Covenant Church for 10 years, said Easter sets a nice tone and gives the opportunity to dress up the kids as well.

“I’ve seen some beautiful dresses, it’s really fun to see them like that,” Havermans said.

She was quick to add that individuals come dressed up or in jeans and everyone’s an individual and accepted as such at the church.

“Every church service is important and we want people to come regardless of how they are dressed,” said Scott Fongers, who has been attending Forest Park for 12 years. “When you’re coming for Easter, the least I can do is come in my best.”

“Easter is not about what you’re wearing to come here, it’s more about the fact that you’re here,” said Leon Conklin, who wore a suit for Sunday’s service at the Norton Shores church. “It’s about your way of respecting Jesus.”

Liz Truax said it’s been a part of her family’s tradition to dress nice for church every Sunday.

“When I was growing up, we always wanted to look our best when we came to the church especially on Christmas and Easter,” Truax said as she fed her 15-month-old son Connor, who was also dressed up nice. “People go get something new and that’s just to show respect.”

At Queen Esther Baptist Church in Muskegon Heights, about 200 parishioners gathered for the 11:30 a.m. Sunday service. Women in fashionable hats did not go unnoticed.

“Most of the time I don’t dress up, but for Easter I do,” said Lenia Grimmett. “It brings out the girlie girl in me.”

“It’s not the way we dress to come to the Lord,” said Genat Bee who’s been attending the Queen Esther Baptist Church most of her life. “He said come as you are. This isn’t just for today, I dress up every Sunday. It lifts your spirit and gives you a sense of belonging.”

Most of the parishioners said that Easter is a time to celebrate Christ, with dressing up being just another festive part of the occasion.

“You can come here in blue jeans, but I feel good about myself when I dress up,” said Jerome Woodfork, who attended the service at Queen Esther.

“Coming to the Lord’s house, He’s blessed me to be able to dress,” said Ann Craig. “And I’m thankful for it. He’s good to me. God is good.”

Isis Lockhart, a mother of three, said for this year’s Easter her mother bought Lockhart’s children their Easter outfits.

“I like how you can look pretty,” said Lockhart’s 9-year-old daughter A’Nyah Greer.

“Grandma did good,” Amaria Greer, A’Nyah’s 8-year-old sister, said as she burst into laughter.

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Easter fashion: Muskegon County church-goers dress up special for religious … – Muskegon Chronicle – MLive.com



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