Fashion and art are different, but lines can blur at times: Sanjay Garg – The Hans India

By on March 1, 2021

Fashion and art are different, though at times the line can blur, feels fashion designer Sanjay Garg.

He shares, “Audiences – Indian or not – don’t need to be spoken down to. We are all audiences throughout the day, and I certainly think that provocations of thought and emotion are important to connect with.”

The designer recently launched his latest Spring/Summer 2021 collection titled ‘Other’ through a campaign released on Instagram. Sharing about the concept, he shares, “Other is what lies within – it is all the things we are, everything that makes us.

The styling of the collection always speaks to the larger campaign narrative. Equally important is the audience to recognize the garments and relate with them in a wearable way. We were careful to balance both within the images. ”

The collection is essentially a capsule of digitally printed floral for summer. The cornerstone of the textiles and silhouettes are defined in vivid, acidic colors of digitally printed sarees to garments, in organza and silk.

He adds, “As we were editing, we knew these images would have a varying degree of response, and the digital audience has reaffirmed that. Overall, we are glad that the audience is being vocal about their love, or dislike, of the campaign.”

However, the new campaign has seen a major shift from what Garg usually does. Sharing about how he is defining this new campaign to his audience, he shares, “We are not concerned with defining anything for our audience – they are independent minds whose judgment has always been a pleasure to engage with.”

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Fashion and art are different, but lines can blur at times: Sanjay Garg – The Hans India
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