Fashion, books major draw for Indian women on Twitter – The Hindu

By on March 6, 2021

An independent research commissioned by Twitter on how Indian women use the microblogging site revealed nine top conversational themes, including passion points and interests, current affairs, celebratory moments, communities and social change.

The results are the outcome of a quantitative survey amongst women on Twitter and analysis of 5,22,992 Tweets sent out by female Twitter accounts between January 2019 and February 2021 across 10 Indian cities.

Twitter’s research shows that one of the main reasons (24.9%) women use its service is to pursue their interests and passions. Within this category are those who seek content on fashion (30%), books (28%), beauty (25%), movies and TV (21%), music (18%), food (18%), technology (17%), art (17%) and sports (14%).

20.8% of women use Twitter to stay informed on local and international news, while 14.5% of women users engage in celebratory moments, both personal and professional. 11.7% women are using the platform to connect with virtual communities and network. These women are coming together with hashtags such as #WomenInScience, #WomenInTech, #WomenInMarketing, and #GirlGamers. 8.7% women tweet to bring about a social change through online campaigns.

“We commissioned this research to build our understanding about women on Twitter and were inspired by the results. These insights show us that Twitter is for every woman. Their communities and conversations highlight the uniqueness and diversity of the service. Access to a free and open Internet has made it possible for everyone to express themselves freely without barriers. As a service our goal is to build on this foundation, giving people new ways to converse, form communities and control who can interact with them in a conversation,” said Manish Maheshwari, Managing Director at Twitter India.

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Fashion, books major draw for Indian women on Twitter – The Hindu
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