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By on January 23, 2021

Yesteryear inspired fashion trends Photo Credit: Retrobollywood/Instagram

The trends that have currently taken over the world of fashion are nothing short of stunning. From cropped sweaters to ruffled sarees, the world of fashion is moving one step ahead every day. But if given a choice, we would like to bring it a few steps back and bring it to yesteryear Bollywood. The eras that were ruled by pearls and then by satin sarees. There is far too many fashion trend that we left in the past, some for good but there is a handful that we would want to bring back any day. 

The era of Bollywood that was ruled by Mumtaz sarees and later by polka dot co-ord sets was distinctive and unique in its own way. And if we bring it back from time and give to our leading Indian actresses, the trends will pick way more than before and we are surely glued to making this happen. If you with us, read on and tell us which one of the fashion trends from the 70s to 90s Bollywood do you want to bring back?

Pearl neckpieces have not gone out of style and they must never do! However, their usage has become a little limited and you don’t see many style pearls with their everyday attires. They are mostly worn with ethnic wear to look class apart. But if we are to bring back the style, we are surely looking forward to days when a sartorial white pearl neckpiece is being donned with a stunning crop top and skirt set. 

Photo Credit: Retrobollywood/Instagram

Name one more thing more classy and elegant than headscarves with statement sunglasses? Well, wait! This fashion trend was in the buzz for quite some time and we wonder why vanished? By bringing this style back, we are just adding to the glam factor of our OTT look. 

Photo Credit: Retrobollywood/Instagram

Where do we sign the petition to bring back sultry chiffon sarees? Just look how gorgeous this piece of clothing looks. How can it possibly go out your closet? 

If you are a 90s baby, then at least once in your life you have worn these pretty hairbands and gone out to school. This accessory is perfect to increases the cuteness quotient of any given look, check here for proof: 

Photo Credit: Instagram

These are a couple of fashion trends that we believe should make a comeback alongside exaggerated eyeliners. Are there any more than you can think of? Tell us @ZoomTV. 

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Fashion trends we wish to bring back from yesteryear Bollywood – Times Now
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