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By on March 12, 2019

Though Stuzo didn’t make it into the exhibition — the conversation came late in the planning — Ms. Dolce Vita is including them in a small fashion show she is staging March 15 as part of a preview event at the museum.

This level of outreach is fairly new for the M.F.A., which opened in 1876 and has always been known for a strong traditionalist streak, like its home city. “Boston has such a conservative reputation, especially fashion-wise,” Ms. Finamore said.

All the more reason to make an effort in a fresh direction. “Already, Michelle’s working groups and round tables have changed the ways we develop content,” Mr. Teitelbaum said. “It’s achieved a lot for us and it hasn’t even opened.”

But he noted that the outreach is beside the point unless the material coming on view is worthy of display, and meets the long-held standards of the institution.

“When I saw the objects, I thought they were unbelievably interesting and powerful works of art,” Mr. Teitelbaum said. “And if they’re not, we lose credibility.”

For his part, Mr. Hourani sees the show as progress, given the relatively recent explosion of gender-fluidity as a topic in wider society.

As he put it, “To have a revolution, you need an evolution.”

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Looking Beyond the Fashion Binary – The New York Times
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