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By on February 22, 2021

Vegan Fashion Week launched the first permanent vegan multi-brand showroom “Vegan Fashion Library” in downtown Los Angeles. The platform pivoted its original concept to support ethical fashion designers and present the most innovative materials available including apple, cactus, and pineapple leather.

Sylven New York, an ethical luxury footwear brand handmade in Italy; Bohema Clothing, an ethical streetwear fashion brand from Poland; Kapok Knot, an ethical alternative to cruelty induced geese down jackets based in Japan; and Cocodrilo, a woman-owned cruelty free accessories brand from Chile. 

Sylven New York seeks to create the most ethical luxury footwear on the planet by redesigning the shoe from the inside out through the use of Apple Leather. Apple Leather is a vegan material made from ethically sourced organic apple waste. Craftsmanship, luxury, and sustainability are equal fundamentals of Sylven New York. Precisely everything from the factory, the shoe lasts, and even the apple waste for the Apple Leather is ethically sourced from the Tuscan region of Italy. 

Bohema Clothing conveys its expression of art through an ethical lens as the first Polish streetwear brand to create footwear from DESSERTO Cactus Leather, a vegan leather fabric made from cactus plants. Founded by Sebastian Szypuła, Bohema produces quality handcrafted sustainable shoes made from 100% vegan materials including pineapple and apple leathers.

Kapok Knot, is a handmade vegan farm-to-fashion brand based in Japan. Vegan Fashion Week and Kapok Knot have collaborated to release a fashion-forward vegan kimono-style jacket, the Haori, with performance warmth and eco-solutions. By substituting traditional down for plant-based insulation, each jacket saves the feathers of approximately 30 geese. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to animal rights organizations. 

Cocodrilo is a P.E.T.A certified, woman-owned vegan brand of elegant, versatile and sophisticated accessories. Individually handmade in Santiago de Chile, Cocodrilo prides itself on maintaining a high quality standard in its materials without resorting to the exploitation of other living things. Intened to inspire women in the workforce, Cocodrilo curates a lifestyle of quality fashion untainted by animal cruelty and activism against inequalities in the labor field. 

In addition to the showroom, the ethical platform launched an online boutique as a premium shopping destination for fashion savvy consumers looking for a globally curated selection of vegan designers.

Designers include Sylven New York, Bohema, Enda New York, Benedetti Life, Julien Esteves Berthier, and The Sweet TraveLife. More information about the designers can be found here.

Vegan Fashion WeekTM is the world’s leading ethical fashion movement founded in 2019 by ethical fashion expert and creative director Emmanuelle Rienda. The concept’s unique message and countercultural philosophy highlights leading innovators in fashion, lifestyle, and intersectionality. Vegan Fashion Week seeks to disrupt the status quo with
its concept and global impact and is paving the way by syncing sustainability and ethics in the fashion world.

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Vegan Fashion Week launches first permanent vegan multi-brand showroom “Vegan Fashion Library” – VEGWORLD Magazine
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