We Watched It All: Fashion Week in Quarantine – The New York Times

By on October 15, 2020

JT: At the same time, there were a fair number of vests layered under blazers — we’re simply not giving up on suiting — and harnesses layered over dresses. Thebe Magugu and Rokh used them to turn pretty dresses into something tougher and more postapocalyptic. (I loved them.) But obviously oversize and relaxed silhouettes resonate more in this particular moment.

EP: Shall I tell you what was also apparently resonating but didn’t really resonate with me. Crop tops. So many crop tops — at Miu Miu, Versace, Dior and Chanel, to name but a few. Skin is in, apparently.

JT: Yes, and I lean more toward the white Balenciaga “Paris Fashion Week” sweatsuit for spring.

EP: On the subject of Balenciaga, I feel as if Demna Gvasalia, who gave us the most apocalyptic show experience last season, was a lot more optimistic in his offering this season. It was still a bit sinister, obviously, with models stomping around in the dark in the City of Light to a remix of Corey Hart’s 1984 hit, “Sunglasses At Night.”

But there was an upbeat allure and couture-tinged glamour to his pandemic-proof loungewear. I loved it. I was distracted from my rainy new homebound status quo. But it didn’t feel escapist either. Those gaiters will definitely sell.

JT I would say much of this season’s collections came across as light and bright, and not just because they’re meant for next spring. If designers were feeling as gloomy and claustrophobic as the rest of us, they didn’t tap into that depression. Maybe their tendency toward joy and fantasy was less about giving consumers an escape and more about giving themselves one.

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We Watched It All: Fashion Week in Quarantine – The New York Times
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