What can we do to stop the damage of fast fashion? – Fast Company

By on February 9, 2019

People make clothing, and I believe that if consumers were faced with this reality in thought-provoking and awe-inspiring ways, that the industry would be forced to change. Much like it was for our free-range fowl friends.

There are an increasing number of examples of movements and organizations who share this same belief, and this collective of like-minded groups provides much to be optimistic about.

Take the Fashion Revolution movement as an example. Each year, it pays tribute to the collapse of the Rana Plaza Factory in Bangladesh–a catastrophe that saw the loss of life for over 1,100 garment works–by mobilizing social media users to ask major fashion brands #WhoMadeMyClothes?  In 2017 alone, they garnered 533 million social media impressions over a five-day period and hosted more than a thousand events globally raising the awareness for the plight of garment workers.

Others are leveraging technology in different ways to further transparency within supply chains. Provenance, another U.K.-based group, has been utilizing blockchain technology to tell the comprehensive journey of products from beginning to end. A recent project of theirs followed the creation of an ethically made sweater from raw materials to finished good.

Others are taking to media to share powerful and empathic stories of the individuals who are behind the clothing we wear.  The True Cost documentary is a feature-length film that took the apparel industry by storm through its distribution on Netflix, which started in 2016, and the nonprofit organization Re:Make has created a YouTube series titled Meet Your Maker  that highlights individual stories of garment workers around the globe.

Lastly, there are an increasing number of brands today who are taking this cause upon themselves.  The Little Market, founded by Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla, sells wares thoughtfully made by artisans and women’s cooperatives globally. I’ve personally been involved in raising awareness for apparel makers for over a decade. My own company Known Supply has pioneered the ability for consumers to learn about the specific individual who produced their garment through an online database and storytelling platform.

Source Article from https://www.fastcompany.com/90302575/what-can-we-do-to-stop-the-damage-of-fast-fashion
What can we do to stop the damage of fast fashion? – Fast Company
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