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By on March 14, 2019

French  chef and co-owner of Odette, a two-star Michelin starred modern French restaurant, Chef Julien Royer will be putting together a five-course meal at JW Marriott, Aerocity today (March 14) as part of the Masters of Marriott programme, an initiative launched by Marriott International Inc, to celebrate the pursuit of consistent innovation, excellence and global talent. We caught up with Chef Royer…

Tell us more about the Masters of Marriott.
Through Masters of Marriott, chefs and mixologists from across the globe have the opportunity to showcase their craft, learn about a variety of global cuisines and engage with culinary enthusiasts in India. The association between the culinary mavens of Marriott and chefs from across the globe ensures that an array of enriching experiences awaits guests and culinary enthusiasts. 

Cooking was a hobby which you turned into profession…
Watching my grandmother cook, I realised the kind of joy and love you can demonstrate through food. The kind of emotions that can be passed through food was the impetus for me to start cooking. I wanted to tell stories through my food. Moreover, good food is the best way to put a smile back on someone’s face.

Your views on Indian cuisine…
On my last trip to India, I tried Indian food and spice — flavours and tastes were very impressive, especially the vegetarian dishes. I love the cuisines’ diversity.
Any similarities between Indian and French cuisines?
Both have an extraordinary heritage attached to them.

An Indian dish you would want to give a French twist… 
I love the tandoor and for the dinner in Delhi, I will be incorporating tandoori lamb into my menu. I’ll use ingredients such as Indian saffron, rose and lychee for other dishes.

Which Indian delicacy do you relish the most and why?
Biryani and anything cooked in tandoor. The last time I came here, I went to Swati Snacks. The food there opened my eyes to Indian vegetarian cuisine.

Which is your favourite Indian restaurant?
I love the biryani from Bismillah Biryani in Singapore. It is the only dish they serve and in limited quantity every day.

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I want to tell stories through my food: Chef Julien Royer – The New Indian Express
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