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By on October 27, 2020

There’s something about the bhandara food we get at religious places that just clicks with us instantly. The deep-set flavour imbued by the traditional-style of cooking is what we truly cherish and miss in home-cooked food. Our craving for desi Indian food cannot be sated in fancy restaurants, but halwai food – we’ll say ‘yes’ to it at any given time! Aloo ki sabzi is an indispensable part of bhandara meal and we found a recipe to make it exactly like bhandara langar, back at home!

Halwai-style aloo ki sabzi is made without onions and garlic but contains loads of flavours from a range of Indian spices. Another distinct feature of bhandara-special aloo sabzi is that it is dark in colour with some dense gravy. This recipe video from YouTube channel ‘Cooking With Reshu’ shows how to make it in a similar fashion in your own kitchen.

Watch Recipe Video: Halwai-Style Aloo Ki Sabzi -

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To make this aloo ki sabzi, heat oil in a kadhai and add jeera, hing, chopped ginger and masalas like turmeric powder, red chilli powder, coriander powder, fennel seeds and black pepper powder. Roast the spices well on low-medium flame. Then add tomato puree, bay leaf and green chillies. When the tomato puree is cooked, add boiled potatoes that are roughly mashed with hands. Mix well, add salt, mango powder and some water, and let the sabzi cook for around 5 minutes. Finally add gram masala, crushed kasuri methi and coriander leaves, and serve.

For the typical bhandara experience, pair this aloo sabzi with crispy poori, achaar and halwa!


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Indian Cooking Tips: How To Make Halwai-Style Bhandare Wali Aloo Sabzi At Home – NDTV Food
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