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By on May 14, 2020

If there was ever a time to go local, it is now. While we’ve been talking about the value of appreciating our home turf for a while now, the closed borders and the lockdown are now making us truly appreciate what we have. Here are 25 stellar made-in-India brands that are helping create employment opportunities for local communities, championing Indian produce, and using sustainable practices to create world-class products. Here are our top picks: 

Chocolate brands that are made in India

Mason & Co

Puducherry-based Jane Mason and Fabien Bontems founded the company in 2014, with the idea of making good quality bean-to-bar, organic chocolate a reality in India. Mason & Co sources its organic cacao beans from farmers in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Every step in the chocolate making process is executed by an all-woman assembly line in their factory in Auroville. The results are delicious bars of chocolate in flavours that range from rosemary  and sea salt, to black sesame and raisin. Also on offer now are cacao nibs, butter and powder.


Launched in 2015, Pascati is India’s first USDA organic and fair trade compliant chocolate brand. The chocolatier uses cacao from Kerala’s Idukki district for its wide range of bars, truffles and bonbons. We suggest the lemon ginger dark chocolate bar, and if your taste buds are feeling adventurous, the mango dark chocolate that features freeze dried bits of mango in the bar. 

Ether Atelier Chocolat

Would you believe that this chocolate brand was started by someone with a background in chemical research? Chef Prateek Bakhtiani eventually found his passion for all things pastry and pursued it whilst studying at some of the most prestigious culinary schools across the globe. The result is a magical blend of his backgrounds: deliciously rich and incredibly complex chocolate with flavours that read like the back of a perfume box:  juniper and raspberry, burnt maple, bergamot and oak.


With a focus on zero-waste everything, this Chennai-based chocolate brand uses upcycled cocoa husk paper, non-refined organic muscovado sugar and ensures their ingredients travel a minimum distance to manufacture tasty chocolate bars in flavours like sukku coffee, banana, lemongrass, coconut milk and cinnamon.

Spice brands that are made in India


The Kochi-based brand’s USP is that it introduces young, urban Indians to local, age-old spices, blends and sauces by making them hip and easy to use. Think bhut jolokia and mango jalapeño sauces, banoffee and ginger  marmalade, sweet spreads and natural spice blends.


The Uttarakhand-based company is owned by spice farmers and producers, who are primarily rural women from remote villages in the upper Himalayan region. You can buy a variety of whole or powdered spices such as turmeric, chilli, ginger and coriander.


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