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By on April 14, 2019

Food porn. A term used by the hashtag generation to describe sinful, exotic food they indulge in that can, in some ways, substitute sex. Taking the inspiration from just that and a popular adult website, a restaurant called ‘Sandwich Hub’ in Hong Kong aims to satisfy all your needs that will make you come. No kidding, that’s their tagline.

Not so amusing, is it?

Turns out, the restaurant serves only Indian food and promises to take Mumbai to Hong Kong, with items such as Bombay Sandwich, Vada Pav, Mysore Masala Dosa, Onion Utthapam, Bhel Puri, among others listed on its menu.



The sandwich food joint first caught the attention of Reddit a few months ago when u/zerozgaming775 shared a photograph of it on r/funny subreddit, showing the PornHubesque board at the display.

“sandwich that”ll make you come” from r/funny

Unsurprisingly, Redditors garnished the post with a lot of sexual innuendoes and puns.

“Extra mayo?”

”They must make them quick too.”

”Ask about our special sauce.”

”So, they have fast delivery?”

Thanks to the Internet, ‘Sandwich Hub’ has a habit of showing up on Reddit every once in a while and most recently, it caught the attention of the desis when it landed on r/India.

Come again from r/india

Indians were equally amused.

“Shut up and take my money!”

“Marketing level 100.”

Inspired by the post, user u/CoolingGlass had some suggestions.

“G-SPOT, Your search for the perfect gol gappa ends here.”

”Xbuns, X marks the spot, we serve em buns hot.”

“Women are going to flock to that G-Spot thing if their men can locate the place,” responded another.

The image had earlier appeared on image sharing site Imgur.

Sandwich Hub

And, well, more puns.

“Can i get a foot long with extra mayo.”

”They really know how to put meat in my buns. And they make a decent Sub.”

”It’s rude to eat standing up.”

But are all the above posts photoshopped? Nope.

’Sandwich Hub’ actually exists in Hong Kong’s Tsim Sha Tsui area.


The restaurant also has a Facebook page if you still had any doubts.

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This Restaurant Serving Indian Food is Named After a Popular Adult Website. Really. – News18
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