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By on March 23, 2013

A curable menace to self esteem

Summary: Unfortunately, acne is experienced by males and females at different times of their lives and wrecks havoc to their self es-teem especially if it leaves ugly scars. Luckily, this menace can not only be prevented but also cured even if in its extreme form.Untitled.

Content: The first thing that a person sees in you is your face and everyone wants it to be beautiful and flawless not scarred with red, inflamed patches. Acne, whether in the form of white heads, black heads or cysts is a scar to beauty but can be cured and prevented.

Simple daily routines can prevent pimples from forming especially if done during the peak years when a breakout is usually expected like in the teens. Use a mild, non drying soap twice a day, avoid scrubbing and remove dirt and make up. Do not touch your face with your hands and fingers and shampoo your hair daily especially if you have oily hair. These simple steps are easy to follow at home and affordable by avoiding the expensive treatments that follow if scarring occurs. Some over the counter medications containing benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, resorcinol, or salicylic acid are also light on the pocket and help acne by killing bacteria and drying up skin oils.

If these steps do not work then a visit to the dermatologist is essential before scarring occurs. He will prescribe either antibiotics with or without topical creams or gels or check your hormones to ascertain the cause of acne. Oral antibiotics (taken by mouth) include either tetracycline, doxycycline, minocycline, erythromycin, trimethoprim, and amoxicillin and topical antibiotics (applied to the skin) include either clindamycin, erythromycin or dapsone. Creams or gels that can be prescribed can be retinoic cream or formulas containing benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, resorcinol, or salicylic acid. Topical azelaic acid can also be given. Some diseases like poly-cystic ovarian disease also cause pimples due to hormonal imbalance and in such cases the dermatologist prescribes spironolactone and in other hormonal disorders, birth control pills are used.

In some unlucky cases or due to tampering with the pimples, ugly deep scarring results which can be very depressing especially for teenagers. However, there is still hope but the cure is slightly above budget for many but worth in-vesting if one craves to have a flaw-less skin. Aesthetic dermatologists advice a laser procedure called photo-dynamic therapy according to individual cases especially those with deep scarring. He may also suggest chemical peeling, removal of superficial scars by dermabrasion and drainage or injection of cysts with steroid.
A very popular medicine these days especially for scarring is isotretinoin or high dose Vitamin A. Although it has fantastic results, one has to be careful as it has many side effects and is forbidden to be used by pregnant or women trying to conceive as it causes severe birth defects in baby.

In a nutshell, acne is a menace and can lead to destruction of self es-teem unless prevented or treated. In-vesting in its treatment would not only boost one’s self esteem but also raise ones respect in social circles.

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