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Remember when we were all five, and the only thing we really had to worry about was what storybook would be read aloud before naptime? How it didn’t matter how your hair looked before you stepped out of the house?Untitled 1
How you were basically the coolest kid alive when your mom packed you an extra cookie for lunch? Those were the days. The golden years of your life that you will never ever, have again.

And do you know why that is?

It’s because during all this crazy, fun, mess of insanity that was your childhood, you knew that more than anything else, more than the possibility of Santa being real or the tooth fairy having visited you at night… you knew that the opposite gender had cooties. They had cooties, and they had it bad. Girls and boys alike knew it. It was the Honor
Code of the kindergarten morning meeting rug. The simple truth of life.

So you would go around minding your own business. Keep contact with your own kind and avoid the enemy. Stay on your split side of the playground turf.

Basically, everything is all rainbows and sunshine until …BAM! Out of nowhere, some 3 foot punk who thinks he’s all that punches you, and tells you that your face looks like poop! You’re shocked. You can’t possibly comprehend the situation. Either…

A) There’s a huge possibility you’ll be shunned by every other girl, because this walking, breathing, meanie bag of cooties just touched you! Or

B) You’ll be shunned by every other girl, because from all the faces he could’ve picked on the playground, yours was picked to call poop!

Full of sheer panic and tears, you run to the teacher for what you can only hope will be your best protection against social suicide. It’s not. Instead, what she tells you is so much worse. It’s the moment your world is turned upside down, and you have wonder if the sky is really even blue. This moment, this god-awful moment, most likely went something like… “Honey, there is no need to cry now. It’s perfectly ok! Do you know why that boy was so mean to you? It’s because he likes you!”

Yup. That was it. The moment you first handed experience just how contagious cooties are. Your stomach is empty, your
heart just skipped a beat in your throat, and you realize that butterflies don’t only live in he zoo. This girls, is the moment society tells you that any guy who treats you anything more than garbage, is simply not interested.

So now, fast forward 10-20 years later, Valentine’s day… you find your selfsitting alone in your bed, stuffing your
mouth full of ice-cream and chocolate,watching some god-forsaken sappy romantic comedy, asking yourself how on earth you ended up being one of those girls. We’ve all been there. Now I’ll tell you why.

The thing is… we’re taught a lot of things growing up. A lot of which seem like rocket science, so we instantly believe our love life must be too. How there will be some unexpected declaration of love after what is a five year dreary relationship, and if there isn’t, how we must somehow be the secret exception. We’re not.

It’s the 21st century, but there are still plenty of women playing of damsels in distress. As a society, we’re so focused on finding our happy ending that we don’t learn how to read the signs of true love. We have no idea how to tell apart the ones that love us from those who play us, or the ones that care from those who don’t. And you know what, maybe we never will. But that’s the great thing about happy endings! They, like true love, have no expectations, no demands and no rules. They’re anything and everything you want them to be, and let them be.

Who says that a happy ending includes being in the arms of a man on Valentine’s Day? What if a happy ending is just you, on your own, or with your girl friends, out clubbing? Why are we so stuck on the idea that Valentine’s Day is so much better than any other day? Does being in a relationship really mean that much more, when a banner with a naked baby holding a bow and arrow, says “Happy Valentine’s Day!” to you?

Maybe your happy ending knows that even after all the broken-hearts, misread signals, pain, embarrassment and Mr. Wrongs in your life; you’re that much closer to finding your Mr. Right. So why not make the best of Valentine’s Day?
Why not make that your celebration of love? Being single is just that. Being single It doesn’t mean being lonely.Untitled 2 Take pride in all the people in your life that love, and support you through thick and thin. Appreciate and celebrate them. If that’s not enough for you, then know that being unhappy alone, is always better than being unhappy with someone.

Until next time, Happy Singles Day Asia! ;)

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