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By on November 2, 2017

It appears that storm clouds are still hovering over Samsung as an year after the Galaxy Note 7 mishap, the company has now surfaced online for some freezing issues on the Galaxy Note 8. A number of users have reached the company’s forums to complain about the unresponsive behaviour of their latest Galaxy Note handsets.

As spotted by folks at Android Police, many users have reported the freezing issues. Digging into the forum threads reveal that the issues have been present on the Galaxy Note 8 since its launch in September. Further, there isn’t any particular app or service that makes the handset unresponsive.

The list of apps and services causing the freezing issues includes speed dial, Contacts app, Phone app, and Messaging app. Also, the difficulty is well noticed when using apps like Pokémon Go and Chrome. The Android Police team has noticed that even overnight charging of the Galaxy Note 8 is causing a sudden freeze in some instances.

It appears that once the Galaxy Note 8 gets frozen, users need to forcefully restart the hardware by holding the power button or by draining the battery completely. However, the problem doesn’t vanish even through a factory reset.

“This is really upsetting since I was really looking forward to this phone [the Galaxy Note 8] after the Note 7 issues. Now, I have to hard reset my phone few times a week because it randomly freezes up,” one of the users writes in response to the reported issue on Samsung’s community forums.

It is worth noting here that the problem doesn’t exist across all Galaxy Note 8 units. Likewise, the issues seem to on a software level and would be addressed through an over-the-air (OTA) update.

Gadgets 360 has reached out to Samsung for comment and will update the story accordingly.



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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Suffering From Freezing Issues, Some Users Report – NDTV
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