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By on April 1, 2013

When it’s best to go:


· Anytime in winter. Let’s say November through March for optimal temperatures. The very first time we flew into Hong Kong, we left a freezing New York City for a perfect 72 degrees and sun in HK. Stepping off the plane at HKG, you immediately smell the harbour (not a bad smell, but a distinct one) and the mild humidity works with the sun to thaw out your joints. Pair the excellent weather with the magnificent views and culture and sometimes it’s a bit like vacationing in an urban fairytale.

· The couple weeks before Christmas. Okay, so we already said “anytime in winter,” but as Hong Kong is such a shopping destination, being in town during the lead-up to the most commercialized holiday on the calendar means Hong Kong is at its most festive. Christmas decorations are simply everywhere, spirits are high, restaurants and hotels have special menus and stay packages, and it’s really quite the experience to think Christmas when the weather is 75 and sunny.

· Chinese New Year. This will be January 31, 2014. If you have to choose between Xmas and Chinese New Year, we’d recommend the latter. Hong Kong covered in red and gold, a focus on fortune and the “auspicious” traditions to bring luck, special foods (including street food markets!), a massive and flashy parade, and fireworks over Victoria Harbour make this our absolute favorite time to head to HK. See for yourself. And—if you’re heading to view the fireworks—be sure to walk down the middle of Nathan Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, as it’s closed to traffic during the fireworks and it feels like the rest of city is out there with you.

· The Dragon Boat Carnival: This will go down June 21-23 2013, before it gets too crazy humid outside to do much. Aside from watching the dragon boats and their teams compete, there’s a Beer Fest and the chance to experience Hong Kong at its lushest without sweating your face off.

Hong Kong in January. The road to Repulse Bay.


When it’s best to stay away:

· Hottest summer months. July-August is especially miserable with the high humidity and the chance of monsoons. Unless you’ve had previous Southeast Asia heat experience or you’re planning to spend much time indoors, we’d wait. That said, Hong Kong has plenty indoor attractions with heavy air conditioning.

· Hong Kong Sevens. Unless you really love rugby, this week of championship matches brings hotel rates up and rugby fanatics into town.

· Valentine’s Day. Just as HK gets super into Christmas, it’s also way excited about Valentine’s Day. This year, Valentine’s fell around the same time as Chinese New Year so we were in town for both. It was, like, uggggh Valentine’s overload. Never have we seen so many men running around, bouquets in hand. If you’re single or just not into lovey-dovey stuff, best to avoid HK at this time.

Still, if you have the chance to head to Hong Kong at all, say yes. To borrow Nike’s motto, HK is one destination where you simply must “just do it.”

Some of our most recent trip was thanks to the Hong Kong Tourism Board, but all photos, opinions and enthusiasm is completely our own.

[Photos: Cynthia Drescher/Jaunted]

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